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PACIFIKON is dedicated to serving parents, educators and child care institutions with graphics that stimulate curiosity and the learning process.

We know some of you are working with tight budgets so we want to share some of the resources we discovered during our years of experience in the decorative market.

Our graphics are created in three sizes to fit nicely into any room from a small nursery to an average school room.  Our current favorite frame provider is FRAMEUSA. Visit their website at www.frameusa.com.

They offer  a huge selection of frames, but our favorites are three of their poster frames. They come in a choice of black or white and several come in silver and gold. Each frame comes with a sheet of styrene glazing, a backing board and saw-toothed hanging hardware.  Insertion of our prints is very easy.

The best choices for our prints are:

                          18” x 24”      12” x 16”      9” x 12”

Simply Poly        $17.30        $10.44        $8.47

Budget Saver.    $18.91        $11.32        $7.97

Boldly Poly.        $16.28          $9.93        $9.13


These prices were in effect on January 17,  2019 and do not include shipping or sales tax.



Now you can enhance your classroom and spark curiosity with quick-changed art prints from PACIFIKON and Displays2Go.

Our friends at www.displays2go.com offer professional looking frames that you can change in seconds without removing them from the wall. Their  18” x 24” frames are perfect for our 18” x 24” prints and can be purchased for as little as $23.60. Imagine how you can create a rich learning environment with these low-cost tools.

Now parents and educators can license our  graphic  illustrations to produce a wide range of prizes, incentives and fund-raising merchandise. Our award-winning designers will help you locate both print-on-demand and quantity-resources to produce top quality goods. Our modest license fee  makes it possible for even  small clubs and schools to participate. We’ll even create new designs to honor local heroes and champions (some quantity requirements apply).

Simply call us weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM at (415) 558-8902 or e-mail info@pacprint.com.

Colorful coffee mugs

Create SMART t-shirts, gifts, rewards  and prizes for students, teachers and parents.

A wide range of sportswear can be custom-printed, one piece at a time, thus no inventory.

Protective covers 

for virtually every mobile phone 

and tablet

Fanciful canvas totes

Decorative pillows

Create Gifts and Prizes that 

Stimulate Learning and 

Reward Excellence.

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