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MCS Format Frame
Picture frames not only protect your investment in prints, they add order and structure to a room decor. Our prints are designed to look their best in simple, thin, black or white frames. We carefully chose five standard print sizes that will easily drop into standard sized frames without needing trimming or additional mats. Our artists specified white boarders for each print size. With minimal fuss and expense these boarders take the place of mats. To make framing even easier we found vendors who will ship frame sets that include both backing boards and lenses (often called glass) all cut to size.
Our designers recommend that you use one type of frame per room. This will ensure that even when you mix print sizes, your frame profile and width will remain consistent. Safety is an added concern. Because many of our prints are intended for children’s environments we prefer shatter-resistant styrene, not glass, in our frames. Plexiglas (acrylic) and styrene lend an added margin of safety and reduce the frame weight, making them easier to hang.
One of the very best values we have sene is the Mainstays Line of frames, available at Walmart. These minimalist gloss black frames come packaged with hardware (for both vertical and horizontal hanging,) a backing board and a clear styrene lens. The standard metal flex tabs make print insertion very easy.
Mainstays Frame 
8.5” x 11”        2.48
11” x 14”         3.24
12” x 16”         5.49
12” x 18”         5.49
13” x 19”         18.99 for 2
Another good value framer is They offer a variety of “poster frames”. The Deluxe Poster frame comes in black, gold or silver with backing board, hardware and styrene lens.
Deluxe Poster Frame
8.5” x 11”      na
11” x 14”       10.43
12” x 16”       na
12” x 18”       na
13” x 19”       16.75
The MCS Format Frame line offers a great combination of size range, style and economy. Their one draw-back is that they are shipped with glass lenses. If you are having trouble finding the size and style commination you want, you might try the MCS Format Frame line with replacement styrene lenses, from a local resource such as TAP Plastic. Jerry’s also offers precut styrene in a wide range of sizes.
MCS Format Frame
8.5” x 11”      3.25
11” x 14”       5.99
12” x 16”       7.80
12” x 18”       8.14
13” x 19”      13.99
Our researchers report that the online auction site, eBay, frequently offers frames that reflect the characteristics of the Mainstays Frame (noted above). Frequently, they are sold in multiples at substantial savings. We recommend you check the site carefully to ensure you are ordering exactly what you want. For instance, we noted that although many of these frames are sold with styrene gazing, some come with glass.
These prices were in effect at the time of publication and do not include shipping or local tax. To order, visit:
These prices were in effect at the time of publication and do not include shipping or local tax. Not all Walmart locations stock a complete range so we recommend ordering online from their central distribution.  Check for occasional promotions that offer bundles of frames at lower costs per unit.
These prices were in effect at the time of publication and do not include shipping or local tax. To order, visit
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