At home or at school, we make learning cool!
We enable teachers, parents and educators to create rich learning environments based on the 
wisdom of history’s great artists, writers, philosophers and scientists. 
Our limited-edition prints enliven play rooms and class rooms, spark curiosity 
and promote teachable moments.
Let’s look at some really cool people from the past and what they thought and said and wrote.
Click the icons above to view each group of prints.
HEROES of STEM, a series of prints with thought-provoking quotations from great scientists, technicians and mathematicians  throughout history. 
AESOP’S FABLES, a series of prints illustrating the charming tales told by an ancient Greek. Each ends with a lesson that encourages thoughtful problem solving.  
MORE BIG IDEAS, a series of prints inspired by the great philosophers, from the classic era to the present day. 
VISUALIZING J. S. BACH, a series of abstract prints encouraging students’ creative interpretation of the Baroque Master’s greatest hits.
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