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Create Gifts and Prizes that 
Stimulate Learning and 
Reward Excellence.
Now parents and educators can license our graphic illustrations to produce  prizes, incentives and fund-raising merchandise. Our award-winning designers will adapt any design to a wide range of merchandise and promotional materials. See our initial selections below. Our modest license fee makes it possible for even small clubs and schools to participate. We’ll even create new designs to honor outstanding local personalities and emblazon your school or organization’s logo on the products (some quantity requirements and licensing agreements apply).
Simply call us weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time at (415) 558-8902 or e-mail info@pacprint.com.
Our design consultants will be happy to suggest items to fit your needs and budget. We’ll even create a digital mock-up for your approval prior to production.
A wide range of sportswear can be custom-printed, one piece at a time. Our current product list includes:
• Quality short and long sleeves t-shirts 
• Promotional short and long sleeve t-shirts 
• Standard and light weight sweat shirts and hoodies
• Tank tops
• Dresses
• Leggings
• Mini Skirts
• Scarves
• Masks
• Mugs
• Pillows
• Shopping Bags
• Phone Cases
• Aprons
• Bath Mats
• Clocks
• Coasters
• Comforters
• Duvet Covers
• Shower Curtains
• Floor Pillows
• Magnets
• Throw Blankets
• Throw Pillows
• Drawstring bags
• Duffle Bags
• Makeup Bag
• Pins
• Scarves
• Socks
• Toiletry Bags
• Tote Bags
• Water Bottles
• Zipper Pouches
• Greeting Cards
• Hard Cover Journals
• Pencil Cases
• Postcards
• Spiral Notebook
• Letterhead
• Envelopes
Colorful coffee mugs
Protective covers 
for virtually every mobile phone 
and tablet
Fanciful canvas totes
Decorative pillows
• Interior and Exterior Banners
• Feather Banners
• Retractable Banners
• Trade Show Exhibits
• Removable and Reusable Vinyl Murals
• Lawn Signs
• Window Graphics
• Floor Graphics
Our self adhesive 3mm and 6mm vinyl is ideal for background art or photos because it can be removed from most surfaces, stored and reused for recurring events. It is 52” wide and can be printed with your design (or ours) in sections up to 120” long. Installation is easy and the cost of a typical 52” x 120” full color segment is only about $120.00 (plus art costs and shipping.)
Add excitement to you next science fair or other events with low-cost, durable lawn signs.
• Cluster groups of signs near prominent entrances to add impact.
 • Use a custom graphic to honor a distinguished teacher. 
• Prices start at under $10.00 plus S&H and custom design service ( if needed.)
Parents, teachers, administrators . . . even students can utilize digital books to document their unique teaching techniques, introduce challenging subjects, highlight professional accomplishments and inspire outstanding achievements in a variety of subjects. Creating digital books even become a prelude to advanced degree research and presentation. We help by guiding our friends to the most cost-effective resources. Tell us about your special project ideas and we will recommend a work-flow and budget.
Stage a contest to generate excitement in English, World Languages and Art by making one or more of your students “published authors.”
Few events can spark the creative passion like the moment you receive a copy of your very own, professionally printed book. We can help educators access the new digital technology and generate a love of art and literature in their classrooms. 
We will guide you to technicians capable of producing commercial-quality books in extremely small quantities, even one at a time. Black and white “trade books.” Five inches x eight inches x 100 pages start at less than $10.00 plus S&H. At the other end of the spectrum, full color, hard cover, 12” x 12” photo books start at about $60.00.
PACIFIKON is dedicated to serving parents, educators and child care professionals with graphics that stimulate curiosity and learning. We know some of you are working with limited budgets so we want to share some of the resources we discovered during our years of experience in the decorative and print markets. Our graphics are created in sizes to fit nicely into any room from a small nursery to an average assembly rooms.  Our award-winning staff is available to develop custom graphics and new products for your special promotions and events.
Call 1 (415) 558-8902, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or e-mail  us at info@pacprint.com.